The Hair transplant experience in turkey

A guide to our hair transplant treatment

Let’s go through the hair transplant treatment step-by-step so you know what to expect if you choose our Clinic in Istanbul.

Before the operation

The recipient area

Your doctor will carefully assess the recipient area using the latest laser technology to calculate the potential density and determine the muscle endings in order to define your new hairline.

Existing follicles

The donor area

The donor area is also assessed with a micro camera to analyse single and multiple hair follicles and determine a geometric extraction model to prevent any thinning or obvious bald patches after harvesting the follicles.


Pressure anaesthesia

Prior to applying local anaesthesia, we use a needle-free tool to send air pressure to certain points on your donor and recipient areas to prepare and numb the skin. This will reduce the magnitude of pain caused with the traditional needle by almost 70%.

Following the anaesthesia, we guarantee you a 100% pain-free hair transplant.

Harvesting hair follicles

The extraction

The extraction is the process of harvesting the hair follicles one by one from your donor area and storing them in a frozen preservative solution to prevent the possibility of decomposition which can be caused by the ambient temperature.

The opening of the channels

The Sapphire incisions

This is probably the most demanding part of your hair transplantation which requires skills and expertise as growth angles must be calculated at high-precision level to design a homogenous and natural looking hair. Therefore, you can expect Dr Kübra in person to look after the opening of your channels — no nurses or hair technicians.

The final step

The implantation

The last stage of the procedure is implanting the harvested follicles, one at a time, into the recipient area. The hair implantation requires precision in order to implant grafts between any existing hair at the proper angle and produce the desired density.

What does FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey and what do I get for my money?